Prayer Letter December 2021

Dear Friend,

Paris Reidhead Bible Teaching Ministries, Inc. will be 35 years old in 2022. Pastor Paris Reidhead’s words given to him by our Lord are still profound and insightful in today’s world.

“Salvation is a Person

Now, I go back to what I said yesterday. Salvation is not a plan. Salvation is not a scheme of doctrine. Salvation is not a list of Scripture verses. Salvation is not something that’s performed upon you by religious people. Salvation is not a decision. Salvation is a person! The Lord Jesus Christ. And thus Paul, in II Corinthians 13:5, said: “Examine yourself, whether you be in the faith. Prove your own self. Know you not your own self how that Christ be in you, except you be reprobate?”” Pastor Paris Reidhead “Loving One’s Brother” (1988)

PRBTMI has moved. Pastor Reidhead started this ministry in Virginia. It has been in Maryland with Marjorie Reidhead, his wife, for about 29 years and now it has come west to Montana.

The Ministry’s new address is:

Paris Reidhead Bible Teaching Ministries, Inc.
PO Box 81378
Billings, Montana 59108

Rev. Virginia R. Teitt, President of Paris Reidhead Bible Teaching Ministries, continues her call on her heart for ministry and mission opportunities. She has been pastoring Concord Presbyterian Church since 2003 and during the past year and a half, along with many others, has reinvented church by having virtual church and now hybrid-virtual church. Rev. Virginia R. Teitt became the Director of the New Wilmington Mission Conference in November 2016 and continues in leadership conducting the 116th New Wilmington Mission Conference this past summer.

A new opportunity presented itself, when Virginia was asked to be president of the Delaware (Ohio) Ministerial Association. It has been an enriching experience and opens many new avenues of service for her. And more recently, she has been instrumental in helping new Afghan refugees settling in Ohio.

Virginia and her husband, Jim, also run a farm with recused animal and are parents to seven children. They have seven children-in-law, as well as nine grandchildren, all of whom share their heart for missions and evangelism.

Pastor Stephen Woolverton is serving at Eastern Christian Free Methodist Church in Jersey City, New Jersey, faithfully answering God call to proclaim the Gospel, while also planting a new church, the Risen Refuge Free Methodist Church. With the help of his wife Rita, they continue in leadership both in the church and community.

Following a leading by the Lord, Wanda Collins has moved to Billings, Montana and will continue to run the Ministry from there. It is an honor to serve the Lord by continuing to spread the Word given to Pastor Paris Reidhead.

The Board of PRBTMI would like to thank you for your continued prayers and support. It is a high calling to serve the Lord God Almighty and we hope He gets all the glory of any and all work done by us.

Yours in Christ,

The Board Members of Paris Reidhead Bible Teaching Ministries, Inc.

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